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Admission Ammissioni




Non-EU students applying for an academic year or longer are required to apply for a student visa at the Italian Consulate having jurisdiction over their place of residence or current school. Applications should be presented no sooner than six months prior to the start of the program. It is strongly advisable not to wait to until holiday periods such as Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/Easter and so on.
The visa will not be issued on the same day of the application. 
The International Academy of Florence will provide the necessary letter of acceptance for the student in order to complete the visa application process. 
For more information about the Italian Consulate in your jurisdiction, please check the Italian Consulate web page.



For all students please check in the pages of each School the Prerequisites needed, in order to be admitted to the course, in term of Level of Education, Level of knowledge of the Italian and/or English Language, Level of previous Experience in the field of desired studies. The Academic Board will examine the Prerequisites before admitting a student for any Certificate.


At the beginning of each term an orientation session will be held. The orientation include the city, the school and its policies, and a profile of Italian culture. Students will be given the possibility of recreational activities to integrate them into the local culture. These include the joining of Italian soccer, basketball, softball, teams, and also fitness and tennis; students who play any instrument are strongly encouraged, if possible, to bring their instrument with them, as they will be given the possibility to join local bands; students who are interested in theatre will be given the possibility of joining the Florence International Theatre Company. 



The International Academy of Florence offers a housing service to all students, attending the program, in case they will require. Please consult our housing insert for details. Studio or shared apartments are available as well as family stays. School housing is optional and students are free to make their own arrangements. 


The International Academy of Florence offers some courses, who are based on experiential learning through our academic components at different Companies, which are part of our curriculum. The experiential learning hours are fully supervised by instructors who track students step by step during their learning experience, monitor and advise according to student needs, and support student initiative. This unique learning model allows students to benefit from an all-encompassing educational experience based on theory and practice in real enterprises, learning of comprehensive operational processes, problem solving, leadership, and management.