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Norms and Laws

SN HC NL 305

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

Regulatory and legislative norms in social health of the national and regional legislation in the social sphere and health. The principles governing the relationship of enrolment of the employee (duties, responsibilities, rights, etc.). The role and profile of social health Operator. Civil, criminal and administrative liability of the operator (also on the issue of restraint and abuse). Elements of ethics and deontology.


Organization of the Services

SN HC OS 308

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

Organization of services: the main reference figures, responsibility, autonomy.

The team and inter-professional work in operational structures, social welfare and social health

medical records.

How to stimulate the ability of expression and psychomotor skills of patients through recreational activities and encouraging the maintenance of residual ability to set adequate aid relationship by adopting behaviors in harmony with psychological and relational needs of assisted, including affective and emotional support.


Social Psycology 

GS PY SP 305

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

See Global Studies


Safety and Sanitation on Work

SN HS SA 300

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

Safety in the workplace according the 81/08 TUSL: 55 on hygiene and safety at work; collective and individual prevention. Injury and professional disease, the manual handling of loads. Elements of first aid, emergency management. Domestic accidents, critical situations and prevention tools for the user, for the operator, in reference to the environment of care. Personal protective equipment: knowledge and proper use.


Safety and Sanitation of the Rooms, Equipment and Instruments

SN HC SE 310

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

Basic elements of hygiene Items, epidemiology of infectious diseases and hospital infections. The hospital room, the microclimate, hand-washing, use of gloves. Cleaning and sanitization of environments; disinfection method and material.


Data Collection, Action and Work Plans

SN HC DC 405

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

Typology of patients taken charge, care in different contexts.

Comon physical and psychicological diseases. Senior, social, disabled patients hospitalized and psychiatric, children and families problems. Symptoms and relevant elements with respect to various pathologies. Observation process.

Data collection modes; observation sheets and other models in use.

Work planning. The process for defining the PAI, the care process: data collection, the identification of the problem and the objectives, implementation and verification of the action plan.


The Realization of Simple Operations

SN HC SO 410

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

The needs of the person, the observation of needs, implementation of outreach.

Taking charge and reception of the person within a structure (care protocols and procedures). Elements of Physiology of the cardio-respiratory system: recognition of vital parameters and their different detection, recognition of symptoms signs and symptoms of problems and adoption of protocols in case of emergency, first aid items.

The help in performing simple dressings, Ostomy, including management of decubitus lesions, management of minor wounds, abrasions; use of adequate sanitary facilities.  The collection of secreted and excreted: Anatomy and physiology of the genitourinary tract. General principles and skills related to therapy, drug intake collaboration and the use of medical equipment to use.


User Assistance in Mobility

SN HC AM 415

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

Notes on anatomy and physiology of locomotion (skeletal and muscular).

Elements of rehabilitation and mobilization.

Elementary principles of Orthotics and rehabilitation therapy, indications and usage. Preventing entrapment syndromes.

Terms and techniques for promoting the mobilization of the person in bed, tools and techniques for the lift and transfer on stretchers, wheelchairs or Chair.

Walking aid: techniques to support movements and displacements. User transport bed, stretcher, pram, Walker.


Assistance in the Preparation and Food intake

SN HC FP 418

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

Elements of Anatomy and physiology of the digestive system and metabolism. Nutrients, and classification functions, the energy requirement, adequate intake of nutrients. Elements of therapy-nutritional knowledge concerning artificial nutrition in General. Food preparation techniques. prevent contamination of food, help and administration taking meals.


Assistance in Personal Hygiene

SN HC PH 420

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

Assistance to person in hygienic care.

The meaning of cleaning as need of the patient, products and tools for the partial and total cleaning.

Techniques for partial and total cleaning of the patient, partly or not self-sufficien. Knowledge and use of assistive devices (equipped bathroom, storage tubs, shower stretchers, etc.). The cleaning of the skin in preparation for interventions and/or invasive operation. The patient unit, empty bed and/or busy, reorder, move away. Techniques and dressing/undressing mode in relation to the degree of self-sufficiency.


Social Skills in Interpersonal Communication

SN HC PH 420

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours)

See Global Studies