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The 1-2 Year Study Curricula for Civil Engeneering at the International Academy of Florence offer programs that consist of 30 or 60 credits hours plus 60 or 120 hours of Internship.


The International Academy of Florence reviews applications from all over the world. We believe that the blending of cultures creates a more diverse and rich student body that adds to each student's educational experience. Each application we receive is individually reviewed before a decision is made. 

  • Application Form and Fee: students must submit a completed and signed application form along with the Application Fee.
  • Official Transcripts: we require a copy of official transcripts for all high school level studies. We require official records, transcripts, for all programs of study whether or not the program was completed. All official records must be submitted directly from the institution unless the institution does not offer this service. . 
  • Language Requirements: Applicants for undergraduate study at the international Academy of Florence whose native language is not English must demonstrate English Proficiency.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Letters of recommendation are required in case the student has not attended High-Schools and is unable to send the High-School Certificate. If a student chooses to include a letter, or letters, of recommendation with their application, they must be addressed to the Admissions Office, in a sealed envelope. The contents of the letter should address the student's academic ability, potential and what he/she will gain from studying at the International Academy of Florence.  
  • Personal Statements: An applicant can choose to include a personal statement with their application. This letter should help us learn about you, the applicant, and your qualities beyond your test scores, grades and work history. 
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae: We require all applicants to send a Resume/Curriculum Vitae along with their application. This document should reflect the applicant's work and research history.



There are General Education Requirements for all programs.  Some programs may have additional curriculum requirements, see specific programs below.

General Education Requirements

The general education courses fulfill the requirements of written and oral communication, reasoning, information technology, literature, arts, natural sciences, western civilization, social and behavioral science and global understanding.

Italian Language (2 courses or 6 credits)

Science and Mathematics (1 course or 3 credits)

Communication (1 course or 3 credits)

Psychology - Sociology (1 course 3-credits)


2-Year Curriculum in Civil Engeneering

The 2-year curriculum in Civil Engeneering offers the major in International Hotel and Tourism Management.

General Education Requirements (5 courses - 15 credits)                                                             

Core Curriculum for 2-Year Program (45 credits):

Materials and SustInable Building Elements

Science and Technology of Materials Part 1

Science and Technology of Materials Part 2

Phisics and Environmental Systems

Technical Systems

Hydro and River Basin

Wood Technology

Fundamentals of Urban

Types of Works' Buildings

Integrated Assessment

Building Regulations

Consolidated Building

Safety at Work

Declaration of Conformity

Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape