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Mission of the International Academy of Florence

Our Mission is to provide national and international students with certainty in their professional studies and in their professional experience in Florence.

Certainty in their studies means:

a)    Quality in teaching: specific expertise and high professionalism in the faculty;

b)    Close collaboration between students and professors;

c)    Direct contact with the Florentine world (Hotels, Restaurants, museums, marketing

companies, Non Profit Organizations, Contractors, etc.);

d)    Academic courses with flexible hours;

e)    Workshops open from 9am to 11pm, even outside the normal lesson schedule;

f)     Internships and collaborations with real world productivity - businesses and companies - in the area of interest;

g)    Agreements and collaborations with organizations and institutions;

h)   State-of-the-art facilities (control room, multi-screen computer lab, large practical workshops, video projection room, etc.);

i)     A pleasant and dynamic environment.